Why Extraction Zones?

Emergency operations on today’s vehicles are significantly different and more dangerous than what First Responders have faced in the past.  Governments around the world are requiring that auto manufacturers adhere to more stringent safety standards. These safety standards increase the survivability of passengers that have been involved in an accident, but at the same time, vehicles manufactured to these newer standards are presenting First Responders with unforeseen tougher challenges.

Vehicles are now being armed with multiple airbags that are controlled by smart computer systems which can be extremely dangerous to rescuers and patients during extrication operations.  New exotic metals are being used to strengthen and reinforce vital structural components but can no longer be cut and spread using traditional methods.  Hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel vehicle propulsion systems have created a whole new set of ever evolving challenges from potential electrocution; to fire behavior not traditional seen in vehicles of the past. These are just a few of many new challenges that must be recognized. Instructions and guides must be supplied if the First Responder wishes to protect himself and the lives of the victims of vehicle related emergencies.

Rescuers must also understand that auto manufacturers are constantly improving the designs of their safety systems. These changes are happening so rapidly, it is impossible for the modern day First Responder to be up-to-date. Enter the solution: Extraction Zones - software that supplies vital information within seconds via smartphone or tablet so that a First Responder may know exactly what to do on any make and model in a vehicle related emergency. 

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